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Wei Wei Group took part in the rematch of the Fifth China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Anqing Division

更新时间 :  2016-07-29 15:38:29


In the afternoon of July 28, 2016, quarter-finals of the fifth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Anqing Division started in the science and technology park of Anqing , 15 companies and team projects screened by the preliminary competed with each other with the meeting of strength.After fierce competition, "the manufacture and application technology of high damping soundboard" project of Anhui Weiwei Rubber Parts Group Co., Ltd., won the first prize in the enterprises group in Anqing division , and it will represent Anqing to participate in the finals of Anhui division.Wang Hongping, deputy director of the Anqing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, presented a speech and the award for the winning project.The rematch of Anqing division was hosted by the Anqing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the high-tech innovation service center.With the theme of "Scientific and Technological Innovation Bring Achievements," the contest adopts the model of "government guidance, public service support and market operation". It aims to build a public platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, create a good atmosphere for it , and encourage people to start business and make innovations.



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