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Xie Wenjie, Vice Secretary Tongcheng Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, visited our company for investigation and research

更新时间 :  2016-09-10 15:37:04


In the afternoon of September 10, 2016, Xie Wenjie, the Deputy Secretary of the Tongcheng Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, paid a visit to our company , accompanied by Yin Rui, the Secretary Fangang Committee of the Communist Party of China .



 Thank the Secretary of a detailed understanding of the production management, product sales, market share and technological innovation of our company, visited the product exhibition hall and Anhui micro environmental protection technology Co., Ltd. and Anhui Wei Wei micro noise reduction technology research institute, I encouraged the company to continue moving steadily, continuously innovation, increase R & D efforts to do fine products, do strong enterprise, enlarge the market, strengthen market awareness, standardize enterprise management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, to become the province's scientific and technological innovation model.

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