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Anhui Weiwei Group won the

更新时间 :  2016-11-28 15:29:13


  Anhui Wei Wei Group, with the concept of "build up credibility and  demonstration with trustworthy operation, be subject to supervision to creat a bettter furure with integrity ", took the initiative to join the 11315 Green Shield national enterprises credit reference system last year.On the morning of November 22, 2016, in the office building of Weiwei Group , triumphant news keeps pouring in , the whole company bursting with happiness.Chairman Li Binshang, who has just won the well-known trademark in China, has received the "AAA certificate of enterprise credit grade" issued by the 11315 Green Shield national enterprise credit reference system. It is also the  first industrial enterprise in Anqing which has received this honor.

  Leaders of Tongcheng Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Mr. Yin, the secretary of the Party committee of Fangang, where the enterprise is located,  and regional director in Anqing of the credit reference system of 11315 Green Shield enterprises witnessed the issuance of certificate, and they all wished the Anhui Weiwei Group a healthy development and greater credit economic with giving full play to its brand advantage .


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