Notice of announcement

Weiwei Group was approved as the skill master studio of Anhui province in 2016

更新时间 :  2016-11-05 14:51:22

the establishment of skills  master studio is the intrinsic demands of  professional top-notch talent in our company to play a backbone, leading role and the realization of self-worth and social value .the establishment of skills master studio will provide our company professional and technical personnel with a stage to exert self-worth, which will bring the skilled personnel respect and affirm that make it an honor and an internal impetus to be a member of skills master studio ,this will effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of the work of the rubber formulary team and create a good ambience and encourage other employees to actively learn technology, master the technology and use technology to achieve a win-win of both business and individuals.

the establishment of the Provincial Master Skill Studio will greatly enhance the overall image and brand of our company, promote the upgrading of rubber formulation technology, promote the growth of the top-notch talents of rubber formulations, and lead the demonstration of other types of work and enhance the technical strength of enterprises.

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