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Anhui Weiwei Group: a different labor day

更新时间 :  2017-05-05 15:22:28

"This Labor Day is so meaningful, the chairman gave the 50 thousand yuan , bonus of China's well-known trademark award, to all staff, this is  a great honor to us !"Chen Changbing, the "five star employee" of the Weiwei rubber group, said the voice of the staff.On April 29, the Weiwei Plastic Parts Group convened the workers' congress to set up a "Labor Day" commendation ceremony , which set up 82 thousand yuan for employees .

Weiwei rubber parts group is an old brand enterprise in our city. In recent years, the company has been continuously developing and innovating with science and technology as its driving force. It has won many honors such as national high-tech enterprises and well-known trademarks in China. In 2016, its operation revenue exceeded 60 million yuan, and its tax payment reached more than 640 yuan.In the first quarter of 2017, the company performance increased by 42.5% over the same period of last year.At present, the company has targeted at the goals like "listed companies" and "century-old enterprises" .Over the years, Weiwei Ruber Parts Group follows the principle of " do business by relying on workers ", regards the staff as their brothers and sisters, vigorously carries forward the activities advocating model worker and innovative spirit ,  "star staff" appraisal activities, and formed a strong learning atmosphere in which people forge ahead in unity and learn from colleagues and compete with each other for progress.On that day, many staff were commended, including 11 one-star employees, a two-star employee, two four-star employees, three five-star employees and advanced workers in Fan Gang, star-level CPC members,  winner of nomination of chairman award , outstanding corporate statisticians of Tongcheng,  the statistics advanced workers in  automotive industry  of Anhui Province,and many other employees .Different from previous years is that we have one more award this year,  "China famous brand awards."  Our company has won the well-known trademarks in China ,enjoying the government reward of 50 thsound yuan.Li Binshang, chairman of the company, decided to share the money with all the staff.Since last July, the employees who have been in the factory for half a year have been rewarded. Li Binshang, chairman of the company and  Li Jun , general manager,  enjoy the same standard of reward like ordinary employees.Li Binshang said: "the enterprise and employees is a community of destiny, we do business is to rely on staff wholeheartedly, and share prosperity with all staff."

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