Anhui Weiwei Group: help the poor with feelings, responsibilities, funds, technology and projects

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In order to help all the rural poor population get rid of poverty and build a well-off society in an all-round way, the United Front Work Department and the  Federation of Industry and Commerce of Tongcheng  organized and carried out the precise poverty alleviation actions of "Hundred Enteprises Help Hundred Villages".The majority of private entrepreneurs actively responded to the call of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee and actively participated in the precise poverty alleviation actions through various means and became a beautiful landscape in the battle of poverty and poverty in Tongcheng .among them, the Anhui WeiWei Group's "five with" the right to help the Xinlian village of  Fangang was effective, grounded, unique and popular.

The first is to help the poor with feelings. Xinlian village is the hometown of Li Binshang, the chairman of Weilwei Group. Li always felt that he had come out of his hometown and should contribute his efforts to building a beautiful hometown.second, take responsibility to help the poor. The development of enterprises can not be separated from the support of society. Therefore, enterprises should fulfill their social responsibilities and actively participate in the action of "one hundred enterprises help one hundred villages" .third,  to help the poor with funds. Weiwei Group has given the Xinlian village 150,000 yuan as road construction funds,  and solved the problem of children from poor families attending school, each year it gave  100,000 yuan for the lonely elderly and poor families consolation gold, which is uninterrupted over the years.fourth,  help the poor with technology. By using their own resources, docking colleges and universities and related experts,   give advice and suggestions for poverty alleviation in Xinlian village.The fifth is to help the poor with proects. they will further study the poverty situation of Xinlian village, and adjust measures to local conditions and local talents, and help the village develop special   plantation and breeding project from the production and distribution process, support the "company + farmers" way to increase farmers' income.

The Xinlian village of Fangang is a key provincial poverty village, in this year , with the help of  Anhui Weiwei Group and other aid units and businesses , the village got rid of poverty, realized the "well-off dream." (Zhao Jinyi)


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