Weiwei Group conducted fire training and exercises in 2017

更新时间 :  2017-08-19 09:20:31

according to the company's safety management rules and regulations, to enhance staff awareness and understanding of fire knowledge and enhance awareness of fire prevention, embodies the policy of " put prevention first and combine prevention with elimination " , instill the idea of group defense, mass governance,in line with the actual situation of the Company and with reference to the work safety regulations, the 2017 annual fire training and exercises are scheduled to be held at 14:30 on May 27, 2017 (Saturday). All employees are required to attend this training and exercise.



Specific content: 1, training content: the latest typical case analysis of fire fire hazards; common summer; common units of "Habitual Violation"; holiday safety; emergency treatment measures for the first time encountered unexpected fire accident, how to do self rescue; fire prevention vehicles and how to deal with the vehicle ignition; common fire equipment identification, use and maintenance. 2, exercise subjects: 4Kg, 35Kg dry powder fire extinguisher and fire extinguisher; fire hydrant (fire hydrant) actual combat fire.


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