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Anhui announced cooperation program with Germany ,JAC and Volkswagen once won the favor

更新时间 :  2016-05-11 09:32:06

Previous speculation of the cooperation between JAC and Germany Volkswagen is not groundless.

Recently, the Anhui Provincial Government announced to the outside world an Anhui province's work plan for promoting exchange and cooperation with Germany (hereinafter referred to as the work plan)this is a concrete implementation of the results of the high-level visit since the visting of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Hefei , Anhui province,   accompanied by Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang in late October last year.

During this period of time, however, top government officials offered much clarification and assistance, especially the visit of  some high-level officials, made the news of  cooperation  between auto industry in Anhui and  Germany come out frequently. However, all this is only a prelude.


In the official announcement of this work program of Anhui province, the focus of cooperation is also cars:take advantage of German R & D, manufacturing and other advantages to promote the cooperation between automobile companies of Anhui province and German auto companies in passenger cars, new energy vehicles, special vehicles, auto parts and other fields.21st Century Business Herald noted that the leading unit of this cooperation is Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission, besides the regulatory authorities such as the Commission of Economy and Information Technology,   SASAC of Anhui Province also appeared .This means that previous speculation of the cooperation between JAC and Germany Volkswagen is not groundless.JAC Automobile is the only subsidiary of Anhui SASAC , a car enterprise with a combination of commercial vehicles and passenger cars.At the forum of the Sino-German Economic Advisory Commission attended by the prime ministers of both countries, Germany's Siemens, Volkswagen Group and Metzler Bank were listed.and during the two sessions of this year, Jianghuai Automobile Chairman An Jin mentioned that "we are making friendly contacts with Volkswagen on the basis of mutual respect"then JochemHeizmann, Volkswagen CEO in China , also revealed to the domestic media, the Volkswagen is holding consultations with JAC on potential cooperation.however, the wording of the two executives still remained in the "contact" and "consultation" stage, and JAC insiders also disclosed that at the moment they just made some exchanges, there was not much to say,especially it is  too early for the rumors of the establishment of a joint venture.It is reported that to further enhance their share of the market,  the Volkswagen future will have further development in cheap cars, commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles and other aspects .there are also reports that cheap cars are likely to be dominated by FAW-Volkswagen, so the cooperation between Volkswagen and JAC is likely to fall on commercial vehicles or new energy vehicles.commercial vehicles have always been the highlight of JAC, while new energy vehicles are the focus of  Anhui Province and JAC in recent years.An interesting detail here is that on April 1, Ma Kai, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, went to investigate the JAC.during the investigation, Ma Kai asked: "Which models are sold well?" An Jin said: "New energy vehicles, SUVs and commercial vehicles ."ma Kai continued to ask: "How many new energy vehicles were sold ?" An Jin said: "There were more than 4,400 vehicles in the first quarter."In the cooperation program drawn in March this year, and announced by  Anhui officials recently , in addition to the fields of automobiles, industrial robots, industrial robots, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, numerical control machine tools, complete sets of equipment, appliances and agriculture , the main forms are investment M & A, technology transfer and so on.the program also mentioned that the construction of a new chemical base in Anhui will introduce the backbone enterprises in such advantageous areas as inorganic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and petrochemical products in Germany,

 to build chemical industry clusters and chemical parks in Anhui Province , to jointly build an internationally competitive chemical base.

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