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How do the rubber enterprises break through in adversity

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After experiencing the "blowout" of the market in 2013 and sluggishness in the second half of 2014, the rubber equipment industry entered a market downturn in 2015, and the business income and profit of the rubber machinery enterprises dropped to varying degrees.How can rubber machinery business maintain normal production and operation in the tire industry of not high boom situation ?People in the industry believe that only by taking the industrial 4.0 and "Made in China 2025" opportunities, innovation and transformation, can rubber machinery enterprises achieve breakthrough in adversity.


rubber machine market is in downturn


With the development of auto industry, China's tire industry experienced several rounds of investment boom, and production capacity increased rapidly.In recent years, under the influence of domestic and international markets and international trade friction, the contradiction between structural excess of tire production capacity has been prominent, the output growth has slowed and the investment in newly-built projects has substantially decreased.Since 2015, the development of China's tire industry has entered a new normal and many tire companies have been shut down.


Rubber machinery industry has a strong correlation with the overall health of the rubber industry , due to the rapid expansion of the tire industry a few years ago, the rubber equipment industry production capacity also rose rapidly.while the substantial reduction in investment in the tire industry made the rubber machinery market immediately enter into the winter, faced with  overcapacity and plummeted orders  ,rubber machine business revenue and product gross profit margin declined, business performance has begun to decline in varying degrees from the second half of 2014 .


On August 19, , MESNAC  released the first half results, achieving a decrease of operating income of 35.57% (same as last year, the same below), a total profit reduction of 98.16% and a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 84.55%.


under the influence of the environment, other rubber equipment enterprises are difficult to be immune from it.Results announcement of Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co., Ltd., Great Wheel Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Shenyang Lanying Industrial Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Wanxiang Xinyuan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies in the first half year shows that operating income, operating profit, ownership net profit of the shareholders of listed companies and so on have dropped drastically.


fortunately, companies such as MESNAC, under the influence of multiple unfavorable factors, took active measures to deal with the situation to maintain its normal operation.


Due to the poor performance , Dalian Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. in the north and Guangzhou Huachong Baichuan Technology Co., Ltd.,in the south, one want to keep the status of a listed company, the other would like to become a listed company, but neither of them  achieved their goals.


Dalian Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd was mainly engaged in rubber and plastics machinery. Due to the poor downstream tire market and the competitors like Japan and Italy in market share, the company suffered a loss in 2014, and its net profit in 2015 was negative.In order to avoid the title of "ST" , in November 5 last year, Dalian Rubber  &Plastic Co.,Ltd announced the restructuring plan, in June 7 this year, Hengli Chemical fiber was successfully listed under the backdoor of Dalian Rubber  &Plastic Co.,Ltd.Dalian Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd., which made its initial public offering of stock and went public in August 2001, had to accept the fate of delisting.


The rubber equipment industry is also a capital-intensive industry, which needs more operating funds.On July 1, 2014, Huagong Baichuan Company failed to apply for an initial public offering (IPO).Fosu Technology Group Co., Ltd. is interested in acquisition, one of the prerequisites was that  Baichuan should speed up inventory sales, increase the withdrawal of accounts receivable from July to December in 2014, and reduce the working capital occupation of  285,412,100 yuan.However, the working capital gap of the Huagong Baichuan continued to expand and failed to reach the forecast of the assessment agencies. The gap  was as high as 255 million yuan in 2014, reaching 503 million yuan on November 30, 2015.In view of the preconditions of this transaction has not been reached, Fosu Technology decided to terminate the acquisition trade, Huagong Baichuan's dream of  listing was gone.


find the way out of the dilemma


In response to the current adverse situation in the upstream tire industry, the rubber equipment industry should take positive measures to deal with it .We should seize the opportunity of Industry 4.0, and actively provide a solution for building a green and smart tire factory. More and more enterprises will continue to consolidate their core businesses and upgrade their products.Some enterprises also carry out cross-border operations or form the upstream and downstream industry chains, and some have become new economic growth points.


Robots and intellectualization become the key of transformation


MESNAC put continuous investment in automation logistics, robotics and other aspects to actively develop the robot logistics sector.The company recently raised funds through non-public offering of shares, invested about 1.26 billion yuan in 4 projects , namely "Tire Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Base" "second industrial and service robots, intelligent logistics system industrial base " "Tire Wisdom Factory R & D Center" "Smart Tires Application Technology Center ".After the completion of the project and puting into operation, the company's competitive advantage will be further enhanced, operating income and net profit will improve, the overall profitability will be enhanced in the future.


While adhering to the two main businesses of tire molds and hydraulic vulcanizers, the Julun Intelligent Equipment Company has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of smart manufacturing, vigorously developed high-end intelligent equipment such as industrial robots,in addition to the application of tires, 3C (referring to computers, mobile phones, consumer electronics) in the field, it also successfully expanded to auto parts.the company invested 80 million yuan to project with an annual output of 500 sets of six degrees of freedom industrial robot intelligent equipment alone .


Tianjin Saixiang Co., Ltd. successfully controlled Guangzhou Jingyuan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2014 and formed strategic cooperation with Jingyuan Electrical in the automation robot industry to greatly expand the Company's new market development space.Jingyuan Electro-Mechanical has accumulated many years of experience in the field of AGV intelligent logistics, contributing to Synergy's overall solution of providing Tire Clients with "Tire Production Package - Intelligent Logistics".


At the end of last year, SBS-DFTL tire manufacturing digital factory automatic logistics system developed by Shenyang Lanying Company passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements at the ministry level.In March 17, it signed 107.5 million yuan of automated logistics system procurement contracts with Hefei Wanli Tire Co., Ltd. ;In August 3, it signed a 100 million yuan green tire library and speed double-speed chain and truss manipulator transport, and semi-steel tire products automatically sorting and automatic shelving projects with Anhui Jiatong Passenger Radial Tire Co., Ltd. .


consolidate the main innovative products to achieve the upgrading


By the chance of relocation , Qingdao Shuangxing Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. invested about 490 million yuan to build automated manufacturing equipment projects to form an production capacity of annual output of 400 tire curing machine, 100 sets of molding machine  and 20 sets of conveyor belt vulcanizing machine .

Not long ago, the Saatchi Group launched the new HPC100 Semi-Steel Radial Tire Fabrication Machine at the inauguration of a modern eco-friendly Green Factory that has seen new improvements in fully automated and intelligent operations.the company also intends to invest 660 million yuan to build an annual output of 150 units (group) semi-steel, all-steel tire molding machine and 500 tires hydraulic curing machine project.


get involved in the new area to form the industrial chain management

Since 2007, Tianjin Saixiang company became the first fixture general contracting enterprise of Airbus in China , after years of development and accumulation of aviation equipment in the field, it formed a core competitiveness in the field with Airbus and has established close cooperative relations with other domestic and foreign well-known aviation manufacturing enterprises .On April 25, the company received a contract the ten-year, $ 594 million  to secure, support and protect the assembly of transport fixtures during Airbus A320 aircraft major component shipment.


Based on the coastal plant with an annual output of 450 vulcanizing machines , Hua'ao Tire Equipment Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.  will   invest the raised funds in the second phase of the project - with an annual output of 220 sets of tire curing machine (of which 20 sets of tire curing Machine) and its supporting parts machining projects, and began to try to engage in some of the pieces of self-made machining , to develop toward the industrial chain of tire curing machine upstream .


By the time of relocation, Qingdao Beihai Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. newly built rail transit equipment and rubber machinery production plant to meet the needs of tunnel boring machine auxiliary equipment and conveyor belt vulcanization production line.


Beijing Wanxiang Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. opened its trading suspension on March 24, planned for major asset restructuring and actively explored other industry markets in order to resolve the risks greatly affected by the needs of the tire industry.


To meet the growing market demand for tire and wheel test equipment, Tianjin Jiurong Industrial Co., Ltd. invested 120 million yuan to expand the tire test equipment production capacity.

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