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Zhang Liqun: How to innovate the science and engineering of elastomer independently

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Due to its unique elasticity, elastomers have an extremely wide range of applications in the national economy and national defense industry.elastomer materials play an important role, especially in the areas of transportation, sealing and vibration damping, sports equipment and other fields.a fighter plane has more than a thousand rubber parts, a nuclear submarine must be laid rubber anechoic tile  in order to stealth its appearance, there are no modern automobile industry without rubber tires.It can be said that elastomeric material science and engineering have important cross-relations with resources, environment, energy, life and health and national security.

Professor Zhang Liqun, deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Organic-inorganic Composites, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, has worked hard for the field of elastomers science and engineering for many years and has made a number of achievements in rubber nanometer reinforcement theory, advanced rubber nanocomposite technology and industrialization.made an important contribution to the development of China's elastomeric material science .


our rubbber industry is in the laed , but there is still some shortage

the development of China's elastomeric material science .


Zhang Liqun believes that from the perspective of elastomers science and engineering industry, China is in a leading position in the world and is the world's biggest rubber industry in the world .In the field of scientific research, China is at the first-class level in the fields of molecular design technology, synthesis technology, molecular simulation technology, nano-enhancement theory, bio-based elastomer, green recycling and recycle technology of rubber materials and other fields.

However, more research is needed in the field of basic mechanics of rubber materials, synthetic chemical theory of rubber, synthetic chemical engineering of rubber, finite element simulation technology, effective mechanism of rubber materials, especially in complicated service conditions and bench characterization technology."In the high-end rubber and elastomer industry, there is still a gap between China and the most advanced level in the world. These advanced materials and products technologies are still in the hands of large corporations in a few developed countries," Zhang Liqun said.

some people think that material has always been a major factor in the progress of manufacturing in our country.In response, Zhang Liqun said that material is the basis for manufacturing, high-end manufacturing can not be separated from high-performance materials.In spite of this, with the development of material science and industry in China, the restrictive influence of materials in them has been weakened.But at the same time, the influence of the thinking behind the manufacturing industry, management science and design science, especially the theories and advanced characterization methods, processing technologies, and automation and intelligent technologies, is also objective and must be taken into consideration.


first requirment of independent innovation must be a proper attitude


scientific research is often accompanied by long waiting and insistence."Persisting in making academic and technological contributions is the biggest challenge." We need to look more, talk more, think more, find our way through prudence, and then focus our efforts on what we can do. "said Zhang Liqun , "In the past, funding was sometimes a challenge, but now it is no longer a challenge, as long as there is strength, thinking, access to the necessary scientific research funding is not difficult."

Zhang Liqun believes that independent innovation is to make original or even disruptive research results. Innovation often stands on the shoulders of previous generations and goes a long way.The importance of independent innovation to China's academic and industry is to emphasize that academics should not be over-brief and that the industry should not always follow the example of imitation.

Only production, learning and research working together can they play a positive role.Zhang Liqun said that it is very important and necessary to closely integrate the first-line industrial sector with the relatively independent academic and research departments so that unimaginable creativity and productivity can be erupted.

"In this regard, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission is of great help to us, especially in the field of rubber nanocomposite technology, bio-based and bio-medical elastomer materials."Zhang Liqun, who was selected for the Beijing Science and Technology Top 100 Talents Training Project in  2012, said: "The government departments continue to summarize and condense the general direction of science and technology from science and technology think tanks, and use financial resources to guide and support them. In particular, they support basic research and advanced exploration and research, and has made an important contribution to  science and technology development and industrial development , to this point Beijing Science and Technology Commission has done very well. "

The "13th Five-Year Plan" proposes to speed up the breakthrough of the core technologies in the fields of information and communications, new energy sources, new materials, aerospace, biomedicine and intelligent manufacturing.Zhang Liqun said that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, China is expected to make significant progress in the upgrading of basic raw materials and  make China's material industry go from the scale and quality to the forefront of the world.meanwhile, significant progress is expected in the field of new energy materials, smart materials, biomedical materials and environmental materials. "

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