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Ma Yurong went to Fangang to guide the docking of "one hundred enterprises help one hundred villages" anti-poverty project

更新时间 :  2017-05-26 16:12:27


Reported by Luo Qiujuan In order to promote "one hundred enterprises help one hundred villages" accurate poverty alleviation project, on May 18, Ma Yurong ,vice Chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference,  went to the Xinlian village of Fangang, to guide the poverty alleviation project between Anhui Weiwei Group and the Xinlian village.People in charge of the municipal United Front Work Department, Federation of Industry and  Fangang attended the event.

According to the unified deployment of the "10 thousand enterprises help ten thousand villages" precise poverty alleviation action, combined with the actual situation of all provinces, the provincial industry and Commerce Unicom has carried out the precise poverty alleviation work through pairing assistance, joint assistance, village enterprise building, big business helping villages, small businesses helping households, etc.

Li Binshang, chairman of Weiwei Group, said that they will further study the poverty situation of Xinlian village, and adjust measures to local conditions and local talents, and help the village develop special   plantation and breeding project from the production and distribution process .

Ma Yurong pointed out that Anhui Weiwei Group should give full play to its own advantages, start from the perspective of  reducing poverty through industrial development and project poverty alleviation,  help poor rural areas broaden employment, improve the ecological environment and increase farmers' operating income;seize the node of time of poverty alleviation, take practical measures to ensure the results of  "one hundred enterprises  help one hundred villages" project .

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