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Professor Zhang Liqun: Make China's rubber research go to the forefront of the world

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   In January of this year, 47-year-old Zhang Liqun once again won the second prize of National Technological Invention.As the top rubber expert in China, he has been working hard on rubber science research for decades.He said that what he has done is to make China's rubber research be respected by its counterparts in the world and go to the forefront of the world.he chased his dream in the rubber kingdoms and flew freely. He made important contributions to the training of talents in rubber science and engineering, technological innovation and the advancement of Chinese rubber science research to the world.As a professor and a doctoral tutor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology,  "learned well and learned well before he learned it." is what he often said to his students.

bravely scale new heights of science,  contribute to the countryThermoplastic

     Vulcanizate (TPV) is a material that uses the same properties as rubber, but with the same processing and recycling methods as plastic.At the mid 80s of last century, foreign production technology for this material has been achieved industrialization.However, until the beginning of 2000, China was still a blanket in the industrialization of this technology.In the face of foreign monopoly of related technologies, Zhang Liqun was  entrusted with a mission at a critical and difficult moment, in the spirit of exploration of large scientific research, he entrenched himself in in the laboratory.Finally, a production line with an annual output of 3,000 tons TPV was built in Longkou, Shandong, the product of which were sold both  at home and abroad, broke the continuation of more than 20 years of international monopoly.In 2008, the technology won the second prize of National Technological Invention.Tires occupy a large proportion of rubber applications. Due to the backward technology, our tires have no brand effect in the international market. They are often subject to technical trade barriers in Europe and the United States. It is necessary and important to develop our own high-performance tire technology.Supported by the national "863" project and other projects, the advanced elastomer materials research center led by Zhang Liqun through the close cooperation of production and research as well as years of in-depth basic research and development of new technologies,The problem of dispersion and interface control of nano filler has been solved in industrial application, and three key components of tire saving tire (tread rubber, steel cord gasket and air tight inner liner) have been developed.With high performance rubber nanocomposites, they has realized the industrialized application of oil-saving tires in sedan and produced the fuel-saving (Class B) and safety (Class A) tires up to the international best level.this formed China's fuel-efficient tire independent technology, significantly enhanced our international competitiveness of tires, breaking the foreign high-quality tire technology monopoly,and it had an important leading role in supporting tire industry in China to deal with the EU Tire Labeling Act, and a variety of technical trade  barriers .In 2016, the project of "key technologies for the design and preparation of high performance rubber nanocomposites for fuel-efficient tires" won the second prize of National Technological Invention.


the goal is to make China's rubber research a leading international position

Rubber is the fourth largest strategic resource indispensable to modern industry, science and technology and human life after petroleum, iron ore and non-ferrous metals and plays an important role in the national economy.At present, China's natural rubber consumption ranks first in the world, but the huge gap has severely exceeded the strategic warning line.all this deeply urged Zhang Liqun to make steady progress and make the rubber research in China go to the forefront of the world.Although many people think that Zhang Liqun has achieved enough success, he believes that people's vision can not be limited to current achievements. Scientific research has no end. Only by continuous improvement , will it  not be backward.he said: "The real scientist is to take solving problems and innovations as their own interests and goals."


Scientific research is valuable in being oneself, and more valuable in transmission


Perhaps many people have thought that a scientist should be otherworldly, wholeheartedly devoted to experimental data and research and development.yes, research is indeed the center of Zhang Liqun, but he does not stand aloof from the world.he is indifferent to fame and wealth with low profile, does not hold any administrative positions.however, he was active in the topics of his students for his elegant scholarship, rigorous style of study and unique personal charm, and won the title of "Top Ten Teachers" for many times in Beijing University of Chemical Technology.At the same time, he is also warmhearted enthusiastic ardent in promoting public good welfare, according to incomplete statistics, he and his team donated a total of more than 100,000 yuan to the disaster area and students in difficulty.he also established the "Elastomer Sunshine Scholarship" and contacted a number of enterprises to set up special scholarships totaling 500,000 yuan / year, which became a great help for the students in the material institute.scientific research is his ideal and goal in life. However, he also regards passing knowledge and care as his own responsibility. Being outstanding is precious, and the shades it shed are even more admirable.


"I've never planned to leave the platform completely."


                Over the years, no matter how busy and tired, Zhang Liqun always stays at the teaching front, uses the best state to teach undergraduate and graduate.The "Polymer Processing Engineering" taught by him has been awarded the national quality courses, he was also named the famous teachers in Beijing."I've never planned to leave the platform completely.since I became a teacher, I have to meet this responsibility.besides, after years of research and practice, I have accumulated too many fresh materials on hand and I want to try my best.allow students to feel that their teacher is sparing no effort to teach them what he knows. "

??up to now, the "Beijing University of Chemical Advanced Materials Research Center"  led by him has a total of 18 teachers, nearly 200 undergraduate and doctoral students .his students say: there are alway a role model and benchmark for people.our teacher has struggled in the front line of elastomer material research so far. This is not only an encouragement to us, but also a spur and admonition to us. When we become hesitate and confuse, we always remembers his tirelessness and rigorous truth-seeking.maybe some people really do scientific research for scientific research's sake, but as the students of Professor Zhang, we are working hard like him, do research for the sake of devotion.


his research and invention continue to take a new height, and his spirit and quality are inherited from generation to generation.In his own words, Zhang Liqun said, "scientific research is hardly about skilled jobs. New problems always emerge endlessly. We enjoy this challenge."

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