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Anhui micro - Wei Group's independent innovation of intellectual property list

Patent namePatent naturePatent numberDate of authorization
A buffer block for a front and rear suspension system of a carutility modelZL201220155720.1November 7, 2012
A rubber shock absorber for the rear axle suspension system of a engineering vehicleutility modelZL201220150602.1November 7, 2012
An engine mounting cushioning deviceutility modelZL201220256802.5December 5, 2012
Rubber stopperutility modelZL201220150312.7November 28, 2012
An ozone resistant rubber damper for truck cab and its preparation methodPatent for inventionZL201210176289.3February 12, 2014
Rubber damping pad for refrigerator compressorutility modelZL201220679998.9May 15, 2013
Rubber damping rubber hose for high pressure tube of refrigerator compressorutility modelZL201220677962.7May 15, 2013
Wide frequency vibration isolating device for automobile power assemblyutility modelZL201320147985.1August 14, 2013
Cantilever damping isolatorPatent for inventionZL201310179481.2January 20, 2016
Cantilever damping isolatorutility modelZL201320264347.8October 16, 2013
A rubber ball for inner tube of refrigerator compressorutility modelZL201320453638.1March 12, 2014
A refrigerator compressor rubber inner tube dynamic damperutility modelZL201320453640.9February 26, 2014
A rubber dynamic damper for restraining vibration of exhaust coil in refrigerator compressorutility modelZL201320453637.7April 2, 2014
A pre structured device for magnetorheological elastomerPatent for inventionZL201410092404.8March 30, 2016
Magnetorheological elastomer isolator with closed circuit magnetsutility modelZL201320665125.7May 28, 2014
A pre structured device for magnetorheological elastomerutility modelZL201420113932.2August 20, 2014
A semi-active controlled engine mount based on magnetorheological elastomerutility modelZL201420548809.3January 21, 2015
A pneumatic cutting machineutility modelZL201420732286.8April 29, 2015
A new type of magnetorheological elastomer decoupling membrane elementutility modelZL201420732270.7September 30, 2015
A shear mode magnetorheological elastomer variable frequency isolatorutility modelZL201520061020.XAugust 5, 2015
A manhole cover baseutility modelZL201520061049.8November 4, 2015
Regenerated rubber road brickutility modelZL201520176020.4November 25, 2015
A composite damping plate based on regenerated rubber matrixutility modelZL201520175950.8November 11, 2015
A compound device for noise reduction and isolation of a centrifugal fanutility modelZL201520175947.6November 4, 2015
A car rubber tubeutility modelZL201520930754.7April 13, 2016
A roller millutility modelZL201520899202.4April 13, 2016
A rubber reaction kettleutility modelZL201520859249.8April 13, 2016
A rubber protective clothingutility modelZL201520862547.2April 13, 2016
A cushion washerutility modelZL201520996740.52016 5 years and 4 days
A photocatalytic oxidation and oxidizing rubber plantutility modelZL201520996777.8May 4, 2016