Address from chairman of board

we warmly welcome you to join Anhui Weiwei Rubber Parts Group Co., Ltd!

We will go all out to provide you with a harmonious and enjoyable learning, working and living environment, give you full trust and support, and constantly improve mutual communication and understanding so that you can quickly integrate into the team.

The purpose of Weiwei is "To be peopele oriented, make choice according to moral character , set positions according to ability, pay by the contribution , and strive to assume social responsibility."This means that between ability and character,we pay more attention to human and their character, which is your cornerstone in the company.

Of course, it is not enough to have good moral character alone. What we need are talents with both ability and political integrity. This means that you need not only  high professional skills, but also  continuous improvement and hard working to meet the constant development needs of the company. Only in this way can you have a broader space for development.

"Weiwei" upholds culture, and it will accommodate,take in everything and draw on others' successful experience with the mind of sea .We hope you, like a drop of water, after merging into the sea, can be calm in quietness and can also remove mountains when taking action, and shine in the towering of the sea.

"Weiwie" has devoted all to  innovation, change, and development. Therefore, I hope you are not conservative and immutable, you should  constantly create in the development, and vice versa.At the same time, change is only a way, not a goal, and we must abid by some ancient ethical laws , such as: integrity, hard work, order, obedience, service ······

We will inevitably meet some difficulties and many challenges in the progress of Weiwei, thus we should make collective efforts.As the old saying goes:  "the roses in her hand, the flavor in mine." Therefore, treating others with a tolerant and friendly attitude will eventually pay off .Moreover, co-workers who work side by side should be even more closely united with mutual trust and jointly cope with the difficulties and challenges we face.

"Weiwei",which is big like a country, or small like your own family, there may be problems of one sort or another.However, we have not only  a good background, but also inexhaustible  "Wewei" industries, and the most important thing we have is a team that is forging ahead in unity,So, please believe that all the puzzles are temporary and all the questions are to temper  you because your destiny is always in your hands.

Because of fate, we get together today, because of gathering, we have a puzzled edge. In this big family of Weiwei,if you work hard, you will get a harvest.I hope you can develop your own talent and wisdom in our company , work hard and step into  a better tomorrow together with the company!

Join Weiwei, here you will have a platform to display your talent;build Weiwei, here you can obtain a life career; devote to Weiwei, here your value will be promoted with Weiwei.