Company culture



  staff code

  first, love the motherland, love the Communist Party, love socialism;

  second, love the company and public property, be thrifty, and participate in management;

  third, be dedicated with high quality and efficiency,delivering satisfactory services , and strive for the best;

  fourth, keep learning for more progress in industry skills, be good at communication, and easy to understand;

  fifth, abide by the law and the rules, obey orders and complete the task;

  sixth, care about colleagues, respect teachers,maintain a harmonious family and united neighborhood;

  seventh, be polite,show respect for customers, pay attention to appearance, be clean and tidy;

  eighth, be as good as water,be self-discipline and social commitment,  promote individuality and treat people with sincerity.

  system and policy

  1) Quality system

    people oriented ( principle)

    quality first (awareness)

    pursuit of excellence (continuous improvement is the way)

    customer first ( commitment)

  2) Quality objectives

    sales return in zero kilometers: 100PPM

    process reject ratio: 0.20%

  3) Quality commitment

    no accepting of nonconforming products

    no manufacturing of nonconforming products

    no ignorance of nonconforming products

  4) Environmental system policy

    raise environmental awarenesssave energy

    prevent pollutioncontinuous improvement

  5)  system policy of occupational health

    comply with laws and regulationssafety first

    prevention firstcontinuous improvement

  core values

  thoughts - Putting People First and Practicing Scientific Development.

  culture - We are longing for the "nurture" of our predecessors' time-honored culture. All of us have interest for of all  wisdom and civilizations . We are   modest and studious. All scientific knowledge, advanced technology, efficient management and noble sentiments will be our forever inexhaustible resources.

  spirit - pursue good governance, scientific and technological innovation, integrity and pragmaticism, efficient and  win-win situation.

purpose - To be peopele oriented, make choice according to moral character , set positions according to ability, pay by the contribution , and strive to assume social responsibility.

vision - All cars have "Weiwei" products.

aim ---  make Weiwei a  brand, built a centennial enterprise

staffs - Love factory like  home, love their jobs, be hard-working, and have both ability and political integrity.

interests - "Weiwei" industry comes from the society, thus it should  give back to the society. we make distribution according to work, and keep strictly the rules for reward and punishment. Efforts should be made to establish solid interests and communities among customers, employees and investors to achieve common prosperity.

responsibility - "Wewei" strives to promote the city by science and technology, and serve our country through industry, make contribution to social welfare with its own development, keep working hard for happiness of themselves and their loved ones .

  trademark - Chinese name: k球-k球官网 J联赛独家

  icon (below)



  designer: Trademark Design Institute of Trade and Industry Bureau of Anhui Province

  design time: October 4th, 1991

  registration place: Tongcheng City

  registration number: 944080

  date of authoration and registration: February 14, 1997

  system one

  June 1991 ~ November 2000: Implementation of seven basic education management system

  June 1991 ~ November 2000: Implementation of ISO9002:1994 quality management system

  April 2004 ~ May 2010: Implementation of ISO/TS16949:2002 quality management system in automobile industry

  April 2004 ~ now: Implementation of ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system in automobile industry



  granted by nation :

  high-tech enterprises

  granted by Anhui Province:

postdoctoral Research Station of Anhui Province,provincial innovative pilot enterprise,province identified  Enterprise Technology Center ,automotive rubber damping Engineering Research Center of Anhui Province,demonstration enterprise with combination of production , teaching and research of Anhui Province,specialized,fined , peculiar and new small and medium enterprise of Anhui Province,high-tech products of Anhui provincefamous brand in Anhui Province,famous products in Anhui Province,well-known auto parts enterprise in Anhui province,consumer trust products in Anhui Province,A-class tax credit unit,enterprise of abiding by contract and being trustworthy

granted by Anqing City:

skill master studio of Anqing ,high-growth enterprise of Anqing ,third batch of Enterprise Technology Center  identified by Anqing,industrial design center of Anqing,financial trustworthy enterprise,honest taxpayer,model taxpayer,award for quality management,trustworthy enterpriseA-class  enterprise in labor evaluation and integrity protection.

graned by Tongcheng :

employment training base of Tongcheng,one of the top 30 enterprises,advanced enterprise,star enterprise,taxpayer,A-class credit taxpayer,award for scientific and technological progress ,advanced science and technology enterprise in Tongcheng,trustworthy enterpriseaward for quality management,enterprise of abiding by contract and being trustworthyquality trustworthy organization,advanced organization in management of work and objectives in labor union.

granted by Fangang :

major financial contributor,major financial and tax contributor,gold ( silver ) award for major financial and tax contributor,advanced enterprise in poverty alleviation

granted by customers:

Award for the best cooperator,excellent sub-contractor,excellent supplier,cost contributor

granted  by the industry:

AAA credit enterprises, credit enterprises, financial credit enterprises and other honors.